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This is the new website for the Early Childhood Forum (ECF), which brings together national organizations and professional associations in the early childhood sector for all young children from birth to seven. ECF exists to promote inclusion, challenge inequalities, debate issues, celebrate differences and develop consensus to champion high quality experiences for young children and their families.

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Early Education Courses: How to Explore the World


This creative thinking and problem-solving course will enable delegates to:

  • Consider how exploring real objects and nature provide wonderful opportunities for cross curricular learning when starting with Understanding the World
  • How can you use loose parts, rocks, sticks, mud etc to benefit child development.
  • Learn what is problem solving and how do we encourage creative thinking?
  • Discuss how expeditions locally can enhance children’s understand of the world.
  • Explore a variety of materials and objects and reflect on how children might develop and learn with them, and provide rich opportunities for problem solving.
  • BIRMINGHAM, Tuesday 22 May 2018

Trainer: Kathryn Solly

Click on pdf below for further information on the Bradford course or visit: www.early-education.org.uk

Download: Birmingham,How_to_Explore_the_World.docx

CRECs Response to Bold Beginnings report


CREC have serious misgivings about the content of Ofsted’s Bold Beginnings paper (published 29/11/17). We note that this paper ignores and contradicts other recent Ofsted papers which highlight the benefits of a play-based pedagogy and a broad curriculum in the EYFS. We also have concerns that some contentious statements made in the paper, with the intention of influencing policy and practice, may be based on evidence from a very small sample and are unsupported by a robust and rigorous evidence base.

Visit: www.crec.co.uk  for the full text.

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