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This is the new website for the Early Childhood Forum (ECF), which brings together national organizations and professional associations in the early childhood sector for all young children from birth to seven. ECF exists to promote inclusion, challenge inequalities, debate issues, celebrate differences and develop consensus to champion high quality experiences for young children and their families.

News & Events

KEYU and Upstart Scotland


ECF members KEYU were in Scotland on 9th March for a joint conference promoting play not tests, similar to moves in England around Baseline Assessment. The Scottish government are proposing tests at P1 (Reception).

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Petition on Funding of Maintained Nursery Schools


The Government has issued a reply to the petition on Guaranteeing the future of state-funded nursery schools after March 2020.

Please see below

Download: MNS_funding_2020.pdf

State of Child Health Report


Emily Arkill's presentation on children's health was given at the ECF meeting on 12 March 2019

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Download: SoCH_Early_Childhood_Forum.pptx

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