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This is the new website for the Early Childhood Forum (ECF), which brings together national organizations and professional associations in the early childhood sector for all young children from birth to seven. ECF exists to promote inclusion, challenge inequalities, debate issues, celebrate differences and develop consensus to champion high quality experiences for young children and their families.

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Getting it right in the EYFS; a review of evidence

Please click below to read the full report by the new Early Years Coalition, co -authored by Chris Pascal, Tony Bertram and Liz Rouse of the Centre for Reasearch in Early Childhood

Download: Getting_it_right_in_the_EYFS_Literature_Review.pdf

HMG Spending Round and the Early Years

The NCB Foundation Years Team  has reported on last week's Spending Round proposals for the early years:

Extra £66m for 2020-21 to increase hourly rates paid to childcare providers;

£3.6bn allocated for the following offer:

Free 15 hours per week per child aged 3 - 4, plus extra 15 hours for children of working parents;

Extra £700m for SEN provision.

Full details to be announced later. Click below for HMG's announcement

Download: Spending_Round_2019_print.pdf



Next meeting TBC. Details of speakers and topics to follow when confirmed.

All meetings start at 10:30 and will be held at Montessori, 38 Marlborough Place, London NW8 0PE

The Steering Group usually meets in the month preceeding these main meetings, so if you have any issues you wish to be raised please let us know in good time by emailing: earlychildhoodforum@yahoo.co.uk

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